The Amazing Raja Ampat Islands

Raja ampat - Speaking of dream vacation, Raja Ampat is never missed from the list. Beautiful and full of charm, Raja Ampat should be your next holiday destination. Raja Ampat is a small island in West Papua. Have a lot of island cluster, traveler will be spoiled by various scenery from various islands. Just point to where to go, you will be lulled by beautiful natural scenery like heaven. Here are some of Raja Ampat's famous destinations. Even some places have a place in the hearts of famous people.

1. Pianemo

/>Pianemo or often called Painemu karst is a group of coral islands that stretches in the ocean. Even called, the cluster of the prettiest coral islands in Raja Ampat, after Wayag and Kabui. So beautiful, President Jokowi who visited here dubbed Pianemo as a 'little paradise' in the Land of Papua. Not to forget the F1 racers who recently also visited there. They are fascinated by the beauty of the land and the underwater of Raja Ampat!


2. Laguna Bintang

This one is called Laguna Bintang. As the name suggests, this place has a star-shaped green lagoon of toska. Not artificial, this is naturally formed! To view this lagoon, the traveler must climb to the top of the hill and see the shape of the lagoon intact. From the top of the peak, tarveler can see the clear lagoon surrounded by cliffs. Very beautiful! Laguna Bintang is just 10 minutes from Pianemo by boat. Come on!

3. Arborek

Keindahan-keindahan Raja Ampat yang Bikin Mata Tak Berkedip

Exploring Raja ampat is not complete without setting foot in Arborek. Why Arborek? The perfect holiday shadow seems to be a daily life on this island. Just imagine, the seaside beaches are calm, the sea water is clear and blue, the clean white sand, and the waving of coconut trees ... Everything is real in Arborek. That's just land. If you talk under the sea, Arborek is a champion. Received the title as one of the best diving spots in Raja Ampat, under the sea Arborek is pretty unbeatable. Coral reefs, beautiful fish and rays are the hallmarks of Arborek.

4. Sawing Rai

Keindahan-keindahan Raja Ampat yang Bikin Mata Tak Berkedip

Talk beach and underwater Raja Ampat is endless. Not only that, a traveler who wants to experience life in Raja Ampat can come to Sawing Rai Village. In this village traveler can snorkel with beautiful fish, bird watching and see the existing cultures. Snorkeling is a favorite activity in this village. Its clear sea makes anyone can see the fish from the surface. Raja Ampat is famous for its paradise birds, paradise. The village also provides bird watching attractions. Without the help of binoculars, you can see the paradise on a tree as high as 2 meters. However, only certain times you can see this bird, which is at 7-9 am, and at 4-5 pm.

5. Misool

Keindahan-keindahan Raja Ampat yang Bikin Mata Tak Berkedip

Misool, the beautiful island of Raja Ampat that has many surprises for the traveler. Like the other islands in Raja Ampat, Misool is no less beautiful than pianemo, arborek and lain.Selain pambedangan and underwater super beautiful Misool have other attractions. Under the sea Misool you not only meet the coral and beautiful fish, but also shark walking or kalabia. Kalabia is a Raja Ampat endemic animal that you can not find other than here. There is also a shark without a sting like that on Kakaban Island, East Kalimantan. 3 of the 40 pondunya so 'home' for the jellyfish without sting. Karst rocks and mysterious ancient paintings will also be found in Misool. You can see hand-painted ears, fish, boats and other unique shapes on Atsa's Sunmalele Island.

6. Wayag

Keindahan-keindahan Raja Ampat yang Bikin Mata Tak Berkedip

Familiar with views of coral islands and the blue sea? This is called Wayag Island. Coral island cluster becomes the main attraction for the traveler. Visiting Wayag Island, it is obligatory to climb the Coral Island. Climbing the Coral Island takes 30 minutes. Once arrived, feeling tired after the climb will pay off with beautiful scenery. So beautiful, love if you blink!