Misool, South of Waigeo Explore Trip With Phinisi Cruise ( Full Aboard Service )

First Day Trip :

Upon your arrival at the DEO Sorong Airport afternoon or early morning immediately picked up quests pier escorted to board on KM. Putiraja.  Guests are greeted with pleasure on Ships and while enjoying a welcome drink . The next few hours and occupy guests can customize their rooms and rest a while exactly at 03:00 WIT will sail to Misool,North of Raja Ampat.

The first Day  departed from Sorong direct to Misool Island: Departed from Sorong to Misool through Strait Sagawin surrounded by rocky cliffs and stunning scenery and used this moment to release freely photography hobbies.

Enjoy your first night's sleep On Phinisi Boat and only hear the sound of ocean waves, do not worry and fear because it will not be disturbed any noise other than the sound of the ocean waves .... (Surely that would be a beautiful dream you will not forget for the rest of your life).

Second Day Trip:

The second day morning we will arrive in Balbulol , Misool Islands . Balbulol famous for its natural beauty and stunning coral reefs can be seen from the surface of the sea not far from where the ship docked . After enjoying the natural scenery we will go on to play on white beach.  The island is very beautiful for scenery , there Yelit Post Ranger with white sand sparkle , Guest may enjoy the fun and snoorkeling freely around it .

For white beach as well as enjoy its natural beauty , and if time permits we will continue the journey to over island while the ship will dock and overnight . If permitted by the manager Misool eco resort , then we will to visiting and see the atmosphere arround there.

Third Day Trip:

 The third day , we will go on to Wayil , with 2 speed boat riding we will surround the landscape is very beautiful lagoons . Once satisfied around the lagoon , then we will go on to visit the village Kapacol . Once satisfied visiting the village as well as get acquainted with the community then forwarded to the trip Harapan Jaya  Villages and will ship docked there

Fourth Day Trip:

The fourth day, we will be in Harapan Jaya village and visit a traditional inn Harfat Jaya (managing native son), proceed to Masemta, large lagunan having a very enchanting natural beauty and amazing with the many rocks that have sprung up (rock formation) which is also known as A Thousand temples, we will climb a small hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hills from three sides, we would drive around the rocks are beautiful and the pictures of human hands antiquity and images fish-image contained in the steep rock walls painted by indigenous inland several thousand years ago. Late in the afternoon the Phinisi Boat will leave Masemta sailed to the Peff islands .

Fifth Day Trip:

The fifth day , we will visit the PEF resort to see the beauty of the island and enjoy the sounds of the paradise of birds  while walking around the mangrove forest is very charming and stunning photos to be made . Speed ??boat at the dock will waiting be back then would take us around the lagoon is very beautiful and very far reaching this tropical island so we would surround a full day on the PEF Island .  The KM. Putiraja will dock and spend the night on the PEF island .

Sixth Day Trip:

The sixth day , we will continue the journey to Arborek ( first pilot villages ) we will stop to look around the villages and could relax and play while snorkel as much, the trip passed to one of the villages in the area Mansuar and then continue to the island of Gam.

Seventh Day Trip:

Seventh day , early morning boat trip to Sawingkray Village and trip to arround Fam small island and then continue to see Pianemo Beautiful Landscape ( Miniatur of Wayag). After from Pianemo,  arround the Kri Island north of Mansuar Big island.

Eighth Day Trip To Wayag:

This day your full trip arround the hidden island of Wayag and trekking beautiful landscape of Wayag, you can see Icon of Raja Ampat island

Nineth Day Trip:

 Eighth day , early morning boat trip to the village will continue Arefi visited waterfalls in the island Batanta ( taken within 2 hours walking up towards the second level waterfall ( very beautiful ) , we will surround the lake - calm lake is hidden , passed in blemish or wrinkle typical towering trees . during the day we will visit the village and spend the night at Arefi , Batanta bay .

Teenth Day Trip

The morning of the teenth day , Putiraja going towards the famous Wai island is very beautiful with white sand , after enjoying the beauty of the island Wai then the journey will continue to Sorong , Sorong we will arrive in the afternoon and at the same time welcoming and last overnight on KM

Today your  tour ends and split

Ninth day morning tour will have expired and will be delivered to the Air Port Sorong for your flight back to Manokwari .

Come aboard Our Luxury Phinisi Liveaboard !

We'll take you on a journey that is fun and amazing adventures around the islands of Raja Ampat, Papua's full of winding down the bay and islands of stone and the color blue sea-green. There you experience a different atmosphere to explore under the water with world-class diving equipment pen the best. Dive guide (Master Diving) Our experienced and  professionals in their fields and indigenous Papuans Master Dive and non-natives dive master  who know a lot of natural condition of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Ship Diving (Dive Boat), we have designed with a special specification of Deck Area to accommodate relax and sunbath freely. Do you want to sunbath on the upper main deck, interact with other guests, tracing, reading guide books are available marine life below deck on boats this library, see photos, videos dives all the literature related to diving tours, or just relax in the bedroom spacious deck and brought it can be done with full comfort and our service is good. Apart from these activities we have Boat Kitchen / complete contents are also mineral water / fresh water a good, nutritious foods, drink a variety of options available, service by using several international and national language.

With the convenience and comfort of this boat so the guests free to see with the naked eye as she photographed wearing a pocket camera able to trace very clearly the typical flora and fauna of the Raja Ampat is sometimes easy to be touched by humans such as fish or birds, scour the villages native, seeing daily life and their unique culture, their personal friendly, can be invited to trekking to the Mount can visit the nearby forests or traditional fishing hamlets that exist and it will become part of your trip an unforgettable to Raja Ampat, Papua.



The rates for 2018 Are
       Regular Tour:

$ 2,320 USD for 8 Days Tour  Per/ Person for Maximum space 12 Paxs ( Free Snoorkeling )

Individual /Private Tour or Family Group  Tour ( Full Charter With Full Aboard Services & Free Snoorkeling) :

$ 3,500 USD Per-Day  X 10 Days Tour = $.35,000 USD

We will consider if the price of your reservation more than 12 people


Includes Packages:

Per person accommodation based on double occupancy in an air conditioned cabin and en-suite    bathroom. Towels & shower amenities provided.

Pick-up & drop off service to/from Sorong airport or hotel, porter service, airport & boat transfers.

Daily meals, bottomless light snacks, unlimited drinking ice water, tea, coffee.

Unlimited diving as allowed by schedule & conditions (typically 3 day dives & 1 night dive). Tanks & weight belts.

 Raja Ampat Conservation Fee IDR.500.000,00 ( for Domestict Tourist), IDR.1.000.000,00 for Foreigners (Marine Tag for Marine Protection Areas).

West Papua travel permit.

Full  Aboard Services.

Nitrox is an additional $80 per trip or $5 per fill.

  • Uncludes Packages:
    - Ticket plane PP
    - The cost of accommodation and transportation in the city of Sorong after the Tour ends Activities
    - Tiping Guide
    - Souvenir Shopping
    - Laundry
    - Snack
    - Luggage, Airport Tax, etc.
    - Medical Kit
    - Additional Trip / Tour.

We'll have a maximum of 12 passengers on board and we assign a dive guide to a maximum of 4 guests. This means you'll have plenty of That personalized service and lots of space in our large liveaboard.

It should be noted that our services with KM. Putiraja Dive Boat Cruise plus because there is no value that we provide to guests is the maximum service quality. The price we offer is not comparable with the quality of care will be given to the guests for the voyage with KM. Putiraja there are certain considerations put to answer the needs and expectations of guests.

We have always and will provide the atmosphere and service to dive a lot better because we possessed its own diving spots. KM. Putiraja is a Diving Vessel earn the trust and cooperation with the Institute for International Researchers from Conservation International and The Nature Conservansi who worked for Raja Ampat ecosystem monitoring.

 For those of you that have the plan to the Raja Ampat Tour and want services from the Local Operator by Raja Ampat Kalabia Tour & Travel Servive at the moment the current International Tourism Exhibition Berlinn utilized for immediate reservation A. place and we provide 10% Special Discount for Diving, Snorkelling, Regular Tour and all inclusive package.

A for guests who prefer to vacation in Raja Ampat join with family and friends for more to enjoy and see more clearly, completely and fully satisfied then I encourage you prefer to use Phinisi Luxurious Cruise KM. Putiraja because the ship will cruise around the archipelago of Raja Ampat will visit it and be more satisfied because you are free to both the Diving, Snorkelling and non-diving.

Diving & Snorkelling Equipment in KM Phinisi Cruise. Putiraja we provide and complete all their own.

You are traveling for her honey moon with a partner and we have Rooms for the top deck and you will feel the romantic experience that will not forget you both.                                       

Tour Payment Rules:

Before the Tour on the End on Guest Tour # Mandatory Fee 20% after the tour agenda was approved.

Then the remaining 80% payment before the guests will pay for one week / Second week On before the guests arrive.

The addition Day of Tour if guests wish it would wear cost is added later.

Tour conditions that must be understood by the guests during the Raja Ampat is:

Alcoholic Beverages prohibited during the Tour

Consumption prohibited Narcotic Drugs

Disposing of waste prohibited /  Stools at sea

No Smoking and throw cigarette butts on the surface of the see

Keep Hygiene surrounding sea and beach.

Not allowed any form of dirt thrown into the sea

Bear in mind that the whole area needs to Raja Ampat Islands are  included in the supervision of Conservation International and local agencies are always supervised by a human damage from the elements and nature

Please Note

For the sake of the Safety & Comfort during the Tour in the islands of Raja Ampat. If extreme weather conditions occur then the Captain / Maste Tour Guide will take the policy to change the route / itinerary tour. Tour itinerary on the agenda is not absolute because natural conditions do not allow it for the sake of our salvation will make its own policy.

Tour Design by:

Ruben Yikwa @Raja Ampat Holiday Travel Service  


-mail: tour@rajaampatholiday.com