Tour 7 Days Diving

Day 01 :

 Upon your arrival at the DEO Sorong airport afternoon or early morning immediately picked up quests pier escorted to board of public Boat  (KM. Marina Express) exactly at 02:00 WIT will sail to Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat. At about 04:00 pm, In the afternoon arrived at the Port of Waisai. There you have been waiting for pickup, you will immediately move to the boat then escorted to Monkairi Lodge  and you will stay in Monkairi Lodging (Ethnic Cottage) nearby Kabui bay entrance. you will be welcomed by local residents / owners of lodging and dinner and a full rest night's there.
Day 03:

Today begin your first journey with a trip to South Waigeo Island the famous with beauty and diversity of marine life, and then to see Sand arise, to Sawingkrei Village, see the fish up on the surface of the sea, Airborek to see Maxpoint, Sardines reft,  Miospon then reinjected into Monkairi Lodge breaks for meals and sleep

Day 04:

The next morning after breakfast you will be start the next trip sailing  to  Fam Island (Pianemo) look at beautiful Miniatur of Wayag, then headed to the Hall Gam to look down the cliffs and beautiful stone, after that you go back to Moonkairi Lodge for dinner and a full night's rest in preparation for tomorrow's tour to Peff Island

Day 05:

Today embarks on tour to Peff Island, sailing trips remarkable because it takes one hour to sail from Moonkairi Lodging, this full-day tour, this is the most beautiful and the best time for you to vent your’s hobby photograpy, up to the Trekk of Peak or Sun shine beach, snorkeling bathing and sunbathing on the white sand beach, around the small islands, to realize your dreams will be  there……. the afternoon you return to Moonkairi Lodge for dinner and bed rest for the last night your tour at Raja Ampat.
You will enjoy the last night here he made ??a bonfire on the beach sand and grilled fresh fish locally until satisfied.

you will enjoy the last night here he made ??a bonfire on the beach sand and grilled fresh fish to be satisfied locally, this is probably your last day air-friendly with all the people around you if possible physical condition.

Day 06:

The next morning after breakfast you will be start the next trip sailing  to  Merpati Island, Way Island and Batanta Big Island arround, one day full tour there.

Day 07:

Your tour ends, today you will be transferred to the Waisai Publict Ports , but before that time it allows you will to come to see long beach of  Waisai Trade Center (WTC) Maritime Festival Venue Raja Ampat in each year. after the return transfer to the port to board the ship Marina express purpose to Sorong.will be picked up at the port of Sorong then check in to the Hotel Mamberamo, time for dinner and rest.

Day 08

This Morning after breakfast at the hotel Mamberamo, you will be escorted to the Sorong Airport the next  to back  to Jakarta.

The Rates for Travel  are:

- Regular Tour / NON Dive  :  IDR@ Rp.6.500.000,00/ Per-Person(
- Diving                                   :  IDR@Rp.1.800.000/ 3 X Diving/Per-Person
- Snoorkeling                         :  IDR@Rp.100.000,00 Per-Person
- Tour To Wayag                   :  IDR@Rp. 12.000.000,00 ( Charter Boat )

- Marine Conservation Fee :  IDR @Rp. 500,000,-( Indonesia Tourist), 

                                                    Rp.1,000.000,- for Foreigners Tourist.

Please inquire for Special Trips Pricing

The Price Non-Include Travel Agent Fee

Price Included:

Pick-up from Airport to Publict Sea Port and Return pick up service to/from Seaport to Hotel in Sorong

and Airport. Accomodation Monkairi Local Resort dan Full Service, Tour Package Sail, Daily meals, bottomless light snacks, unlimited drinking ice water, tea, coffee.

Raja Ampat Entrance Tag for Marine Protection Areas ( Biaya Ijin Masuk Raja Ampat)                   

Price Non Included:

Airplan Ticket

Local Marina Express Boat Sorong to Waisai & Return Ticket

Transit Hotel Mamberamo in Sorong ( Standart Twin BedRoom)

Porter Package In Air Port / Seaport

Airport Insurance

Addition Trip/Days

Nitrox is an additional $80 per trip or $5 per fill.

Accomodation Hotels In Sorong if the Quest Transite in Sorong.

Tour Payment Rules:

Before Your Tour the first you must pay Tour Mandatory Fee 20 % after the tour agenda was approved.

Then the remaining 80% payment before the guests will pay for one week / view days before the guests arrive.

The addition Day of Tour if guests wish it would wear cost is added later.

Tour conditions that must be understood by the guests during the Raja Ampat is:

Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol is prohibited during the Tour

Consumption prohibited Narcotic Drugs

Disposing of waste prohibited / apapuan Stools at sea

No Smoking and throw cigarette butts on the surface of the see

Keep Hygiene surrounding sea and beach.

Not allowed any form of dirt thrown into the sea

Tour Design by:

Raja Ampat Holiday Travel Service

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